Dance Workshops:

This series of workshops was born out of a huge demand for learning the dances that were once the hottest thing in the country. From the Jazz Age of the '20s to the street-dancing '90s, there's an awful lot going on in these workshops you won't want to miss.

Dancing Through The Decades (the 1920s to the 50's)

Beginning with everybody's favourite, The Charleston, this workshop takes you through a Fred Astaire number in the '30s, a solo lindyhop routine in the '40s, and rounds things up with the rock 'n roll '50s.

Dancing Through The Decades (the 1960s to the '90s)

In this workshop you learn to Twist like you never knew you could, add a touch of Saturday Night Fever to the '70s, take on some very cheesy '80s moves, and finish off with a taste of hip-hop in the'90s.

The Roaring Twenties

The 1920s was a decade of unabashed hedonism and this workshop pays tribute to it. The Charleston, The Black Bottom, and The 12th Street Rag all collide in this high-energy workshop.

More Of The Roaring Twenties

Back by popular demand this workshop includes a wonderful routine to the whimsically titled "Umtcha", and another to The Black Bottom Circle. Both guaranteed to make you smile and gasp for air.

The Fabulous Fifties

If you've never danced The Stroll, The Bunny Hop, or The Freeze you've missed out on a whole lot of fun. This workshop aims to redress your deficit!

The Swinging Sixties

We swear to God there was a dance called 'The Swim' in the 1960s where you, well, swam through the air. And to prove it, we'll teach you how. Along, of course, with The Twist, The Monkey, The Egyptian, The Hitchiker, and The Temptation Walk.

Seventies Disco Fever

John Travolta made his name pointing uselessly skywards and rolling his arms in the '70s, and this is your chance to do the same! With routines to 'Night Fever', 'You Should Be Dancing', and 'Disco Inferno' the only thing you still need to be authentically 70's is a two-foot high afro.

More of the '70s Disco Dance

As our '70s Disco workshop is one of our most popular, we were asked to add another in the series - and here it is! Learn routines to Billy Ocean's 'Love Really Hurts' and the ever-popular 'The Hustle'.

'80s Hits

If you were a teenager in the '80s, unless you were living on the moon, you'll have probably seen the biggest teen film of the decade: "Footloose". Now you can learn a routine to the great Kenny Loggins title track. Singing along is encouraged!

The Best Of The '80s

Remember the Lawn Mower, The Running Man, or The Shopping Trolley? If you don't, here's your chance to learn some of the cheesiest moves ever created! If you do, this is your chance to relive them. Plus we'll throw in an over-the-top routine to "What A Feeling!" A guaranteed workout for your laughter muscles.